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JDM AE101 Levin Seats


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JDM AE101 Levin Seats

Now for sale, JDM AE101 Levin seats. Come with the brackets for a direct bolt-in procedure. The only thing with the seats is that since theyre for RHD, the now passenger seat has the cool up/down function, and the lumbar support control, although the lumbar can be switched over to the driver side fairly easy. The lumbar is a 3 stage system. These seats are different than the OEM seats, are WAY WAY better than ones found in 1.6i models and WAY better than ones found in 1.8i models. The side bolsters are much more agressive, I weigh 135lbs and they hug me pretty well, if youre fatter...then maybe they wont fit you. They also sit quite a bit lower than stock, giving a more in control feel, kinda like driving some Hondas. I'm 5'6" and I can barely see over the dash slightly reclined, if you are shorter these seats are not for you, but if you are tall, you will appreciate these. And of course, theyre JDM and look really cool. Please note these seats are USED, and I dont know what condition theyre going to be in when I get them (may have rips, stains, etc), and are priced accordingly. I will NOT ship these seats, this is for local pickup ONLY. If you are interested, email me at with a subject of "Zaibatzu Racing Parts" or I will delete your email
Price:  Total of $300/pair for front seats. If your pair is messed up, sorry, nothing I can do.