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Zaibatzu Racing Team
1993-1997 Toyota Corolla Cold Air Intake


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Corolla Cold Air Intake

Well...since nobody ever bothered to make one and market it and sell it...I will! This kit is very complete, but it requires a battery relocation. But its only $50 off and isnt that hard to do..worth your time if youre serious about making power. Anyways, this kit comes with the following: 2 Piece Mandrel bent aluminum piping (2.5" dia), 2 rubber pipe connectors, 1 K&N style air filter (2.5" dia), IAT sensor hole drilled. The install is straight forward, the 2nd half of the pipe digs down into the previous airbox's resonator hole. The air is filtered from UNDER the front bumper and is shielded by the front bumper and the plastic cover underneath. Hydrolock is very unlikely with this setup. Not guaranteed to fit 88-92 Corollas or 7AFE Celicas, although a Celica setup will be tested in the future.
Price: $110 Shipped, Group buys are welcome. E-mail to order.