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Zaibatzu Racing Team
1993-1997 Corolla Koito Tail Lights


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1993-1997 New Koito Tail lights and Garnish for Corolla AE100

BRAND NEW OEM Koito Tail lights and Garnish for your E10 Corolla Sedan! Finally got ahold of a good price on these, so i decided to start sellin em! Basically the same deal as the Depo in terms of 'do they fit'. These lights though are of course better quality than the Depos, but you might find them boring as from a normal look they appear to be the same as the USDM set. I believe the colour on the tail lights is a bit different, but thats about it. Anyways, enjoy.
Price: $229.99 Shipped w/ harness but w/o Garnish
          $109.99-129.99 Shipped for 2nd hand matching garnish.