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Zaibatzu Racing Team
1993-1997 Corolla Depo Tails


Member Section

Aftermarket Tail lights and Finsher/Garnish by Depo

Two different styles now. One is straight OEM JDM style (good build quality by Depo for once!) and the other is the crystal JDM style (not as good build quality). As you should be able to tell from pictures, the crystal ones have a diamond like appearance, and even the garnish is kinda crystalized. Pretty uncommon and cool looking. And the Depo straight JDM style tails are just aftermarket crash parts with good OEM quality, not your usual Taiwanese stuff.
Price: $259.99 Shipped for Depo Straight JDM set (2 tails w/ harnesses + garnish)
         $289.99 Shipped for Depo Crystal JDM set (2 tails w/ harnesses + garnish)
NOTE: These lights feature NO rear side marker and NO rear side reflector, and the Finisher/Garnish bolts on just fine, no problems, along with the tails. Any further questions just email me.

Depo Crystal tails

Depo Crystal Tails

Depo Crystal Tail Light

Example of what the Straight JDM Depo Tails look like, Identical to OEM Koitos