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Zaibatzu Racing Team
93-97 Corolla Crystal Headlights


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JDM Style Crystal Headlights

10/14/02  Added 2 Limited Grilles for sale!
12/14/02 Added IMPORTANT INFO at bottom of section here.
01/11/03 9005/9006 to H4 Harness now for sale.
Alright! You asked for it, and now you have it! I have 4 different styles to choose from, as well as about 4 different grilles (depedning on the time). Anyways, the selection of the headlights goes as:
  1. Crystal Clear w/ Amber Corners
  2. Crystal Clear w/ Clear Corners
  3. Smoked Crystal w/ Amber Corners (Koito only)
  4. Smoked Crystal w/ Clear Smoked Corners
I have an arrangement of Grilles also, so check out the Pics Link on the right to see everything!


And now for the price breakdown. The headlights are selling for $279.99 including shipping! The Grilles are starting at $129.99 for a BRAND NEW Genuine Toyota one shipped to your door. I also do a package deal, which goes $279.99 + only $39.99 starting for the grill, and that includes shipping! I accept Paypal, Money Orders, Cashiers Checks, Personal Checks (must clear first), and Cash (send tracked and insured if you want). For Paypal orders, please add 3.0% to the total cost.

I also put together an FAQ that you can read by clicking the link below which should answer most of your other questions. Enjoy!
IMPORTANT INFO: Please realize that these lights are made for JAPANESE and EUROPEAN cars, not USA cars!! The beam pattern is for a Right Hand Drive car. Although I have no problem with it, you might find it different. Apart from that, these do not have any DOT stamp on them and are for show use only. These are illegal for everyday use, but if you're like me and you don't care then you dont have to worry! Also, the configuration is different. The parking lights are the little wedge bulbs inside the headlight itself, and the corners are blinkers. So feel free to either shave your bumper lenses, or have them constant on or whatever you feel like doing. If you do not follow this configuration, I do not wanna hear about how your lights burnt or anything. Apart from that, please know that the corner lights are known to leak. That goes for the OEM Toyota and the Depo corner. I Strongly suggest using some clear outdoor silicon and seal the corner lenses. The headlights are not known to leak at any time. As for instalation, I strongly suggest getting the custom harness as it makes it much easier and makes for a clean install. I will of course offer any assistance after that that you may need. As you probably know if you've emailed me before, I respond extremely fast, and I'm usually available on AOL to talk to in real time, as long as you let me know who you are. Apart from that, enjoy these beautiful and unique headlights! =)
Also, please be advised that a JDM grille is recommended for optimum fit with these headlights, but a USDM one will fit, just not very well.

Corolla Crystal FAQ